Summer sale

Summer sale

It's Summer Sale time and here's our guide to shopping in a sale wisely...

Look for quality basics & classic items - Think outerwear, good knitwear, clothes that you will actually wear (not just a bargain!)

Create a shopping list before you hit the sales.  Look inside your wardrobe, in fact maybe have a clear out beforehand! Is there anything you are missing?  Are there any gaps?

Trans-seasonal items are always a good find.

Invest in getting clothes tailored to your perfect fit - please don't be afraid to try a bigger size if your size has gone - a small alteration can sometimes be so worth it - actually just PLEASE don't get hung up on sizes at all.

Always choose colours that actually suit you - don't buy something when the shade doesn't compliment you. The style might be bang on trend but it will always feel wrong each time you try it on.  Certain colours can wash you out and drain you, which is never a good look - choose a colour that sings!

At this time of year, knitwear is always a good buy because it’s perfect for layering.  Again always look for colours and styles that suit your body shape and lifestyle.


Finally accessories are also a great buy as they can instantly update your look without spending too much money.

Enjoy your sale shopping and if you get a chance - pop in and shop our sale.

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