Gosh, write a blog?!

Gosh, write a blog?!


Righty oh... we’ll see... between 500-750 words?!

For someone who  struggles to get over the page writing thank you letters and tends to just write lists, this could be a challenge! First things first – I need to look up the definition of a blog...

A cup of tea and a hobnob later:

BLOG – definition – ‘a regularly updated website or web page, typically  one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style’.

Big phew as I’ve just genuinely looked this up – I think I should be ok as the definition perfectly sums up our business. In theory headed up by myself but would be impossible without the support, guidance and hard work of my small team who I’ll introduce over the coming weeks. I’ll just need to get their permission and photos!

Written in an informal style? That’s us and what we offer. Lovely clothes, nothing starchy or too formal – just fabulous clothing on a good budget. Grab and go clothing – minimum fuss with maximum results.

Roka bags

Just like all of us in different ways, I’m usually a busy bod dashing or lurching from one thing to another each day, school run – go to work or a day at home catching up and back to the school run. Hoping to meet up with friends as much as possible, either for breakfast, a night out or Sunday brunch is a good one for me.

I need certain clothes to do activities with my 12 year old and clothes to go out in town with my eldest. I also wear the same clothes to go to work, to go out for lunch, to go away for the weekend and to pop out for drinks – just changing a few accessories on the way. I’m hoping we’ll get to do this again soon but for the time being, I’m working from home and wearing good chilling out clothing – which you’ll find in our Easy Jersey Wear page and featured products. Check out the Roka bags too as easy to pop on your back for nipping out for walk with a bottle of water and my favourite, a Cadbury's Boost for easy hands free walking.

When buying for the shop, I’m always considering myself, my mum and my daughter so we’ll find clothing that crosses 3 generations that’s affordable. I’m hoping you’ll find clothing for everyone and everything here on our website. I’m a farmer’s wife and we haven’t branched out into boiler suits and wellies yet... and nor will we!

Ichi clothing

I’m hoping it’s fun when you visit our shop in Melrose and I’m hoping it’s easy for you to visit our website as this website is for YOU, to navigate easily and if like me you live with your phone in your hand, easy to order from and easy to get in touch if you have any questions or want to run over the sizes etc – any queries at all, just give me a shout and thank you so much for visiting our website.

With much love Tania x

(525 words and just over the page!)

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